General is a personal and professional online sound library containing about 5000 unique sounds. This sound-effects have been gathered all around the world during 40 years of movie by a sound engineer.

Each sound can be dowloaded individually at 8 Euro. There are coupons available on demand and there are also sounds kits based on specific themes. Some themes can contain up to 40 sounds and more at a 160 Euro.

Whether you work for the movie industry or in need of sound illustration for a play or any artistic performance or you want to build an mobile App this sound library is for you. A lot of studios and students have already found right sound mood for their work.

Henri Morelle started this sound collection 40 years ago. As a movie sound engineer he travelled along the 5 continents and collected with passion thousands of different sounds.


Best is to register for an account. Find and select your sound through the search bar

or by browsing our Catalog by category or by themes. Once you’ve found your happiness just put it in your shop basket .

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